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The story of Atticus Finch’s defense of a wrongfully convicted Black man in Depression Era Alabama is told in To Kill a Mockingbird. As depicted in To Kill a Mockingbird, the jury trial has been a hallmark of the American judicial system. The jury trial is an adversarial means which allows opposing parties to present evidence to a jury of ordinary citizens in the pursuit of justice. Usually, the most convincing side wins. I pride myself in being able to win jury trials for my clients in the most convincing fashion. As the following jury verdicts and settlements illustrate below, the jury trial is alive and well in the United States:

    Confidential High 8 Figure Settlement

    Tracey Morgan was severely injured in 2014 when a Walmart semi truck crashed into the comics’ limo at a high rate of speed. Morgan’s fellow comic friend James McNair was killed instantly. Morgan, the Saturday Night Live™ alum, remained in a coma for two weeks.

    $135 million

    Hulk Hogan sued Gawker and won over the publishing of a sex tape and invading his privacy.

    $7 million

    Lastonia Leviston won her invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against the Grammy™ award winning artist 50 Cent . Ms. Leviston is the mother of rapper Rick Ross’s daughter.

    $55 million

    Sportscaster and current Dancing with the Stars host Erin Andrews won her lawsuit against the owner and operator of the Nashville Marriot and the stalker who filmed her naked and released a video showing her naked during a hotel stay.

    $6 million

    Awarded to estate of deceased individual against a convenience store for selling alcohol to a teenager who plowed into another vehicle, killing its occupant.


    Three workers burned in an explosion at a grain silo won against ConAgra Foods for failing to clean up stored wheat that became combustible.


    Awarded to three plaintiffs as a result of an in-network provider causing a Hepatitis C outbreak.


    California jury award to estate of mother, father, and child killed in 18 wheeler wreck where car runs into 18 wheeler parked off freeway and two surviving children witness deaths.


    Awarded to Florida plaintiff in sexual assault case.


    Awarded to a former Florida deputy sheriff whose botched weight loss surgery left him an a wheelchair unable to care for himself.


    California jury sided with a cardiac surgery assistant who suffered sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Largest individual verdict in an individual employment plaintiff in United States history.


    Awarded to estate of man killed when a drive assembly detached from the Defendant’s 18 wheeler and crashed through the windshield of his vehicle.


    New York jury award to plaintiffs who suffered from mesothelioma.


    Former principal of a successful charter school won against the city manager for destroying her reputation.


    Awarded to New York woman who sat in a hospital for hours while medical personnel negligently failed to diagnose her heart attack.


    Awarded to estate of lifelong diabetic who died because of a medical transcription error.


    Patient in “triple malpractice’ case won against three hospitals.


    Louisiana jury found for the plaintiff who suffered a severed spinal cord and traumatic brain injury in an ambulance crash that occurred while when was seven months pregnant.


    Jury returned verdict in favor of family of woman killed when a power line fell and electrocuted her.


    Awarded to estate of deceased woman abused in Florida nursing home.


    Massachusetts jury found in favor of family of child severely injured and blinded for inadequate warning on Children’s Motrin.


    Awarded to family of teen killed because district never installed a bus stop on her side of the road and instead forced her to cross the street to the school bus. She was hit by a car while attempting to cross the street.

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